Shun Fujiki – Child Abduction issue – 38th UN Human Rights Council Meeting General Debate Item3



Shunichi Fujiki a director of International Career Support Association addressed the issue of “Parental Child Abduction and Parental Custody which is seriously violating the human rights of Children at the 38th UN Human rRights Council Meeting on 25th of June 2018.

Lawyers exploit loopholes of the law for their monetary benefit and pushing innocent families to the bottom of the hell.

This is because Japan only grants parental custody to single parent and not allowed Joint custody.

Japan signed Hage Convention but not have been implemented it.
Japan needs to implement it as soon as possible to minimize this human rights violation.

When marital status fails for some reason in Japan, the couple often competes for the parental custody of the child between the couples at the family court.

The reason for that is, after divorce, joint custody is not allowed under the current Japanese law.

In particular, fathers become impossible to see their child for years because the mothers perform a false Domestic Violence report when mothers want to secure parental custody.

Once mothers request to conceal dwelling place with a child to the city authority or else, fathers can’t locate their child. Because of those fathers are labeled as dangerous individuals for mother and child.

Even it is a falsehood, once a father is labeled “DV,” in some case, they can’t see their children forever. If the father finds his child in an accident and attempts to talk to his child, he will be arrested by police and sentenced at least 6 months in jail.

Japan signed Hague Convention in April 2014, however, does not implement it.

We request to the Japanese Government to implement this Hague Convention immediately and should get rid of the damage of such a lifelong separation which is not healthy for the children, many of those victimized children are suffering from mental illness due to the deficiency of the Japanese law.

We request UNHRC to urge the Japanese government for prompt implementation of the Hague Convention and adopt a measure to acknowledge joint custody.

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