Shun Fujiki – 39th UN Human Rights Council “DomEstic Child Abduction in Japan” Sep 18 2018


Bottom-class lawyers in Japan and judges who want to work at the legal offices after their retirement, they are creating “Child Abduction issue” actively for their monetary benefit and promotions.

Japanese taxpayers money for the “Equal participation” and the budget to prevent “Domestic Violence” are exploited and misused by a part of the Japanese judicial branches.

Judges don’t want to move the child from a parent even the parent unlawfully kidnapped her/his child(children) in order not to take any risk and responsibility in case if something happens after their ruling to move a child/children from the current parent to the other parent.
Because the judges always apply “Continuity Principle” they do not move the child from the current place.

This ruling is helping false domestic violence accusation, causes the child/children to separate from one of their parent which is causing poverty and mental illness.

I am not one of those victims however, I am voluntary helping those poor victims created by the Japanese judicial branch and single custody policy of Japan.

Japanese NGOs except for us who are claiming themselves as “human rights defenders” are all quiet on this issue because they are also the ones who benefit from this deficient, faulty and defective Japanese judicial system.

We need more international awareness and condemnation to change the current system.

Japanese Legislative Branch has been trying to fix it by revising Civil law but Judicial Branch has been maintaining the faulty system. Separation of the three branches of government is misused by the judges.

UN Human Rights Council Intervention Item4
International Career Support Association Speaker: Shun-ichi Fujiki

Japan ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Children in 1994, stipulating a child’s right to maintain relationships with both parents, and modified its Civil Code Article 766 in 2011 to prohibit parental child abduction, yet abductions continue.

Judges do not apply the Convention and article 766 in court rulings. Instead, using the “continuity principle,” judges rule that abducted children should remain under the sole custody of their abducting parent even though by law they should not.

“Divorce Lawyers” know this jurisprudence of the continuity principle and counsel divorcing parents to abduct their children and falsely allege domestic violence.

Then, custodial parents often deny access of their children to the non-custodial parent violating the human rights of the children.

In 2016, a father got parental custody in Family Court based on article 766, but the High Court overturned the ruling citing the continuity principle, and the Supreme Court declined to hear the case.

The judges are acting in their own interest, not in the interest of the children. Collusion between the lawyers and judges in cases indicates corrupt activity that should be investigated.

We request the UNHRC to send Special Rapporteur to Japan urgently to investigate the growing number of child abduction to end this human rights violation.
Also, we request a UN resolution urging Japan to protect by law the human rights of children as indicated by the UNCRC and Civil Code article 766.


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